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embracing the chaos...

Seven directors. Three counties. One company.

BrokenCrow is a place where seven artistic directors come to play, learn and collaborate. We are writers, designers, performers and stage directors. BrokenCrow is a place for us to support and challenge each other. It is a place for new ideas to be nurtured, developed. It is an ambitious production company fueled by the joy and possibilities of collaboration.

We aim to create work that is not only as diverse as our members but professional, audience focused and creatively ambitious.

BrokenCrow Theatre Company is Deirdre Dwyer, Ronan FitzGibbon, George Hanover, Gavin McEntee, Eadaoin O’Donoghue, Rosie O’Regan and Aideen Wylde. We have staged nine productions since being established in 2011 and have plenty more on the way. We have directors based in Cork, Waterford and Dublin. We are very grateful to TDC Corcadorca, Graffiti, the Everyman, Garter Lane, A Little Room TDC and Fringe Lab for their continued support.

Levin & Levin by Aideen Wylde

An ode to the displaced children of the world. BrokenCrow Theatre Company are proud to introduce you to the Levin Brothers – toast of the pre-war scene, except the Levins aren’t really brothers, they’re sisters. And they aren’t really sisters either… in fact, they are not related at all.

Levin & Levin is the story of Ida and Bubbie, escapees from the Russian pogroms of the early 1900’s. Dressed as boys to save their lives, the girls eventually become Europe’s most famous male impersonators.

Using vaudeville, slapstick, cabaret and clown and with appearances from the likes of Rasputin, Freud and Hitler, Levin & Levin is a story so incredible, it might just be true.

Starring Aideen Wylde and George Hanover

Directed by Veronica Coburn and Bryan Burroughs

with original music by John O’Brien




A theatrical adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s children classicAfter a sell-out run in 2015 BrokenCrow are delighted to bring their expanded show back to the Everyman this Easter in a theatrical adaptation by Deirdre Dwyer.

An orphaned little girl, a hundred locked doors, a friendly robin and many secrets waiting to be told.  Join a trio of performers on an enchanting journey through this tale of loneliness, secrets and friendship.




DATE AND TIME | WED 12, THU 13 & SAT 15 APR, 12PM & 3PM


WORKSHOPS | In the Playroom

  • Tom Kibbe will facilitate a workshop based on Adler and Meisner techniques. Meisner basic repeat exercise to great moment to moment life. Presence in the moment and to breakdown subconscious social restrictions on the reality of doing. Adler specific imaginary techniques to create the who, what, where why and when; the imaginary circumstances.

Wednesday 12 April 10am – 1pm

  • Veronica Coburn (founder member of Barabas) will facilitate a workshop in clown. Clown is the most beautiful, magical and infuriating art form. Its form and function is easily articulated. The red nose is a mask.  All masks have an inherent character, a master that must be served.  The master of the neutral mask is corporeal economy and emotional honesty.  That is why it is a core discipline in many theatrical trainings.  The master of a full face character mask is found in the contours of the clay.  The task of the wearer is to release the character implied in the curve of a nose or the droop of an eyebrow.  With half face masks, most Commedia masks are half face, the wearer brings their skills as an actor to share with the mask the responsibility of articulation.  And the red nose, the smallest mask in the world, articulates the character of the wearer.  The clown.

Wednesday 12 April 2pm – 5pm

  • Ali FitzGibbon, a professional arts leader for over twenty years, will introduce ways business concepts and planning can support and be part of creative thinking, demystifying business language and approaches and offering ways to adapt them to achieve personal creative and artistic goals.

It is often assumed that artists cannot deal with the trappings of business. In turn, many creative people are put off by the terminology and processes of corporate strategy and planning. This practical ½ day workshop, aimed at professional theatremakers and creative practitioners, is about unpicking some of these misconceptions.

Thursday 13 April  10am – 1pm

Ali will also offer a series of one-to-one clinics with creative practitioners on Thursday 13 April 2pm – 4pm

  • Bryan Burroughs will lead a workshop for professional actors exploring ways of expressing the human body on stage through character, gesture, action, voice, movement and storytelling. Bryan is a multi-award winning performer and teaches physical theatre at the Lir Academy

Thursday 13 April  2pm-5pm

REHEARSED READING | In the Everyman Bar

  • Dark Kingdom is an adaptation by Rosie O’Regan of Kevin Barry’s; Ernestine and Kitand BrokenCrow Theatre Company have dived into these two short stories by the award-winning author, to bring to the stage a theatrical experience that exposes the uncomfortably familiar and the gloriously strange. BrokenCrow invite the audience into an unwholesome and deliciously vicious version of the Ireland they are familiar with.

Ride shot gun with the ensemble of crones, crows and boys with pesticide eyes as they pull hand brake turns through the Dark Kingdom, where hidden treasures and warnings of the mundane are revealed.

Following a successful staging in the 2016 MidSummer Festival, this production is being revisited and honed into a more concise format.

Wednesday 12 April 6pm


  • Heart of a Dog is an adaptation by Eadaoin O’Donoghue and Damian Punch of a novel by Russian satirist Mihail Bulgakov.

Philip Philippovich Preobrezhensky is a world-renowned physician who longs to do something amazing, something that will add immeasurably to knowledge of the human body and perhaps create new life.

One day, Philippovich finds a stray dog in Moscow, and he brings the dog home and names him Sharik. He helps the dog to get healthy and strong in preparation for the surgery to transform it into a new creature. A twenty-five-year old man named Klim Grigorievich Chugunkin dies in a bar fight, and Bormenthal obtains his pituitary gland and seminal vesicles for the operation. The dog survives the operation, and Sharikov is born. The change from dog to human is gradual, but before long he is a full-grown man with some of the instincts of a dog. Unfortunately, however, Sharikov maintains the persona of Klim, who was a thief, a liar, and a scoundrel.

Thursday 13 April 6pm


  • The Book of Blackwater Babble and Airs is a new work by Ronan FitzGibbon. Our audience will be invited to have a drink (or two) and maybe even sing a song (or two) with a couple of lost souls drifting down a river, trying to remember how they got there.

Featuring John McCarthy and Ger FitzGibbon.

Saturday 15 April 6pm

*Please note workshops and readings are free but ticketed as capacity is strictly limited
Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis. Bookings through Box Office or by phone only 
021 450 1673

Dark Kingdom review

Review: Dark Kingdom at Cork Midsummer Festival GRANARY THEATRE ⋄ 17TH – 26TH JUNE 2016 “A savage vision of Ireland”: Chris McCormack reviews BrokenCrow’s performance of two short stories by Kevin Barry. CHRIS MCCORMACK Dark Kingdom at Cork Midsummer Festival.... read more

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