Snow Queen Team

It takes a whole mess of talented folks to make a play. First up. let’s meet the cast…

Mia Clifford, Actor, plays Gráinne


Mia is a 12 year old student from East Cork.  Since the age of 3 she has been involved in dance and theatre in the Firkin Crane in Cork.  In her spare time, she is an avid reader and particularly loves detective stories.  At the weekends, she loves to cook, cycle and is a keen gymnast.  She recently learned to knit and makes gifts for her family and friends.  Mia hates mashed potatoes.

Fionn Butler, Actor, plays Caoimhín


Fionn Butler is an 11 year old boy from Dublin. He particularly enjoys books by the author Rick Riordan. He loves cycling and playing hurling for his club ‘Kilmacud Crokes’ (Crokes Abu!). His favourite day of the week is Wednesday. He (strangely) enjoys both getting up early and staying in bed til late morning. He can also speak Irish.

Ruadhán Butler, Actor, plays Mean Children and Snowdrop




Lois Clifford, Actor, plays Mean Children and Bluebell



Nicholas Kavanagh, Actor,  plays Larry, Micheál, Lilly, Raven, Brian, Cormac and an Ice Chicken


Nicholas gets up early because he’s a “theatre maker”,

He takes ideas from his head and scribbles them down on paper.

He lives in a friendly neighbourhood in Ireland’s oldest City,

And spends all day creating characters, which are extremely witty.

Nicholas likes to collaborate with other artists too,

He writes and performs stories with his creative crew.

He loves to walk in forests and cycle on his bike,

He has a happy family and they all look quite alike.

Jacqui Kelleher, Actor, plays Mamó, Old Woman of the Flowers, Rose, Princess Pearl,  Little Robber Girl, Mrs Fivens and an Ice Chicken


Jacqui is a designer, maker and teacher from Waterford. She loves crochet, knitting, sewing and music. She likes to make all kinds of things, and is never happier than when she’s figuring out what to make from a new ball of wool or piece of fabric. Acting is very special to Jacqui, and putting on silly voices makes her very happy.

Aideen Wylde, Actor plays the Narrator, The Snow Queen, Mrs Livens and an Ice Chicken


Aideen Wylde is an actor and a theatremaker and when she’s not doing those things, she works in a cartoon studio!

Her favourite hobbies are cooking, crafting, singing and reading. She loves the sound of really loud rain outside and dressing up for Hallowe’en…or just for no reason in particular!

Next up, let’s meet the all-important creative team…

Deirdre Dwyer – Playwright, Director and Producer


Deirdre is from Waterford and she is a Theatre Maker, that means that sometimes she works as a designer for plays and films, then her job is to make sure the place and the costumes look right. Sometimes she writes and directs plays, especially plays for children.

She likes making things with her hands, looking after plants and cooking delicious meals. She loves watching birds and animals in the garden and swimming in the sea. She doesn’t like sandwiches.

Anthony O’Dwyer – Composer and Sound Designer


Anthony is from Carrick-on-Suir and is a musician and copyright lawyer. He plays guitar, bass, piano and drums and also makes music on the computer.

He enjoys walks, sea swims



Nick Roche Illustrator for Episode 1


Nick is from Wexford, and writes and draws comic books. He has worked for Marvel comics, drawing Spider-Man and The Avengers, and has written and drawn LOTS of Transformers comics, which was his dream ever since he was little. One of the comics he made with Brian Lynch (the writer behind Secret Life Of Pets and Minions) is called Monster Motors, about spooky monster vehicles, and is suitable for all ages. Nick has also done design work for video games, music videos and animation, all fuelled by cinnamon buns.

Jennie O’Neill Illustrator for Episode 2


Jennie lives in Waterford and is an art maker and a human bean. She loves to work with paper, colour, print and stitch. She works as an illustrator and sometimes she runs art workshops where her job is to let people have lots of fun while creating beautiful things with their hands. She likes to stretch, play with her dog ‘fish’, mend stuff, knit socks and bake magic to share with her friends. She doesn’t like celery.

Electra Grant Illustrator for Episode 3


Electra is from the countryside in Tipperary. She is an artist and illustrator. Electra studied Fine Art in Cork, where she drew enormous drawings and made videos. She has just finished studying Children’s Book Illustration in London where she made two picturebooks, one about some magical plants and the other about two very naughty knitted dogs. Electra likes baking cakes, climbing trees and thunderstorms. She loves reading grown up novels but she secretly still reads children’s picturebooks too! She doesn’t like doing the dishes.

Caitriona Sweeney Illustrator for Episode 4


Caitriona is from Dublin and she is an artist and an illustrator which means she’s gotten to paint murals, illustrate children’s books, draw backgrounds for children’s cartoon tv series and, many years ago, work in an art shop.

Although drawing on a computer means no cleaning up after, she still prefers the clink-clink, splish-splash sound of her paintbrush in a jar of water and mixing real paint out of tubes.She secretly wishes she could play the xylophone and maybe someday she will learn how.

Ashwin Chacko Illustrator for Episode 5


Ashwin specialises in positive visual storytelling through illustration & design. He seeks to capture these moments in bold lines & shapes, his compositions focus on a strong use of characters intermingled with typography and patterns. He likes to describe his work as; positively playful.

Eimhin McNamara Illustrator for Episode 6


Eimhin is a Dublin based illustrator, animator and educator. He founded independent animation company Paper Panther with Carol Freeman & Pádraig Fagan in 2014, where he can be found messing with bits of metal and clay most days. He recently created experimental animation for Cartoon Saloon’s upcoming film Wolfwalkers.

Hollie Leddy-Flood Illustrator for Episode 7


Hollie is an illustrator and graphic designer from Dublin. She has always loved making art, drawing and taking photographs. She works with clients from all around the world; creating designs for logos, books and advertisements and draws illustrations for children’s books, posters and newspapers. She loves animals, nature and spending time in her garden with her cat Millie.

Charlot Kristensen Illustrator for Episode 8

 sq 1 

Charlot is a Danish/Zimbabwean artist living in Dublin for 10 years now. She’s inspired by animation (especially anime), comics and music and her art is very colourful. One of her passions is to draw more characters who look like herself and her mother who is African. Her first comic “What We Don’t Talk About” has just been published and is available to buy on her website


With very special thanks to: Denis Clifford, Niamh Wylde, Caitriona and Aonghus Butler.

This project was only possible thanks to the support of Garter Lane Arts Centre, The Arts Council, The Everyman, Waterford City & County Arts Office, Waterford Cultural Quarter and Winterval.

Neill MacCann – Graphic Designer

Nicholas Kavanagh – Writing Mentor

Karen Kelleher – Education Consultant

Conall Ó Riain – Producing Support

DVF Print and Graphic Solutions – Printers

Thanks to: Síle Penkert, Brid McGuire, Sandra Kelly, Mary Claire Gallagher, Naomi Daly, Seán Kelly, Clare O’Sullivan, Valdone Talutyte, Maev O’Shea, Robbie Cotter, Bill Deevy at DVF, Tommie Ryan, Conor Nolan, Emma Haran, Jean and Louise at Kearney Melia Barker Communications, Martin and Sile Dwyer, Oscar Foran and Kate McCarthy.

BrokenCrow are: Deirdre Dwyer, Ronan FitzGibbon, George Hanover, Gavin McEntee, Rosie O’Regan, Conall Ó Riain and Aideen Wylde.